Commitment and Passion meet
Expertise and Teamwork.

Technokom’s approach of interdisciplinary thinking and working gives us much time for attending to our customers.
This collective approach helps to find the optimal solution. Communication, the transfer of information, and the exchange of ideas is not done at the push of a button, but is lived by the Team everyday – as a matter of course.

Getting on together.
Successfully, but without any attitude. This is normal for us.

There are creatives and carers, designers and conductors, planers and pragmatists, logisticians and location scouts, financial wizards and futurists, advisers and procurers, masterminds and tasters. You will find all of these types at Technokom and, above all, always one who is also available, who listens to you and assumes the responsibility.

Making technology an event!


Achim Pörtner
Managing Director



T +49 2102 12 89 204
E poertner@techno-kom.de

TECHNOKOM die agentur für messe und event gmbh-Peter Gerlach-Geschäftsführung

Peter Gerlach
Managing Director



T +49 2102 12 89 201
E gerlach@techno-kom.de

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